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Finland is arctic

Arctic summer: midnight sun, lush greenery, fresh swimming waters
Arctic autumn: colourful leaves, sporty weather, time for hobbies
Arctic winter: snow, warm winter clothes, alternating of freezing outdoor life and warm indoors
Arctic spring: birdsong, from melting snow and dazzling sunlight to first flowers and leaves on trees, to see how the wild nature bears the winter and wakes up to life year after year, widening possibilities for outdoor life

* * *

Literally the arctic zone is only in Lappland, north of the arctic circle. But whole Finland is arctic in the sense that even in the summer time everybody, also locals, have to pay constant attention in order to stay warm enough. That is done by avoiding cold, dressing warmly and adjusting clothes to weather and indoor temperatures, moving at least somewhat sportily often and taking care of eating right for the burden of weather on staying warm.

* * *

Usually when one hears from foreigners reasons why they would not like to live in Finland, there are several reasons, like not liking the culture's style, but by far the most common and by far the most influencing reason is that they do not like the weathers and climate in Finland. Likewise some Finns say they would like to move to live abroad and for them too by far the most common and most influencing reason is that they do not like the climate in Finland and would like to live somewhere warmer. Both tend to say that in a way the weather is nice, at least sometimes but that they cannot bear it all the time. Finland is almost arctic: a little bit more northward and even the wild animals and plants cannot bear the climate, almost none and in Finland too only some certain species and most not at all. In Finland if you are not skilled in living the seasons, life gets lousy and stays lousy, but if you like the seasons, they are constantly part of life and it is quite nice.

I have written at lenght advices about living with the seasons, see in this same blog

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